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NARB 100

The NARB 100
model 1359SL

The NARB 100 is a faithful dead-on recreation of the big, bold & beautiful amplifiers from across the pond starting in the mid-sixties through the early seventies. Here lies all the bells & whistles…beginning with Merren iron and no expense spared, employing Piher, Allen Bradley, CTS, Belling Lee, Cliff, Mullard, Arrow, Sprague, F&T, Erie, Lemco…all the usual suspects in all the right positions, neatly detailed and beautiful. Due to a finite supply of original NOS components, this model will be a very limited production run. If Jimi, Free, Cream or Zeppelin is what you’re after, search no longer.

NARB 100
model 1359SL

solid state rectifier



2–channel/high & low inputs

2–volume/shared treble, middle, bass & presence controls

2–speaker outputs

4/8/16 ohm


H-11″/W-29.5″/ D-10″
21 lb.

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