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The LEAD 50 is another new amplifier from NARB. Being offered as a separate head or combo with a single 12″ custom speaker. The LEAD 50 is identical to the familiar and famous model 1987 from the late plexi/small box era. Employing solid state rectification to push a pair of EL34’s with adjustable fixed bias brings a loud and bold tone that is easily manipulated with your instruments volume control. Two channels internally jumped with a shared e.q. brings all the tones and texture associated with Kossoff ,Page ,Angus, Hendrix, Clapton and Beck.

NARB Amplifiers are exclusively sold at GuitarRiot.

The NARB 72 50w Lead Head model 1387L

solid state rectifier
2–channel/high & low inputs
2–volume/shared treble, middle, bass & presence controls
2–speaker outputs
4/8/16 ohm
H-9.5″/ W-26.5″/D-9.5″
18 lb.
NARB Amplifiers are exclusively sold at GuitarRiot.